Your up and coming Stay

Below is some information to help make your holiday as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. There is a lot of info, but please take the time to have at least a quick read so you don't miss important info - like which driveway to turn into!

There is also plenty of info on our website:

Pacific Palms is a small community where we have managed to keep Covid-19 at bay. There are a lot of holiday makers to visiting our area so please respect the social distancing rules to help the locals and other holiday makers stay safe.
Before your stay, Pueblo is given a thorough clean and surfaces are disinfected. The bathroom is supplied with 2 toilet rolls that are left in their wrapping. Cutlery and crockery is checked but if you have any concerns, please run anything you want to use through the dishwasher.

What's Supplied
Pueblo is well supplied with all the basics to make your stay easy and comfortable.
For information about what's supplied in bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, etc, follow this link Click on any of the first 3 large orange icons 'Amenities', 'Features and Facilities' and 'Bedrooms and House Plans' or just scroll down through all of them.

Heated Pool
Guests have an option to have the pool heated. It's best to advise us before your stay to give it a head start before you arrive. If heated, the pool blanket must be used to cover the pool when it's not in use to keep the heat in. Spring and Autumn are the best times for heating the pool.

Pool heating fee: $50

Coffee Lovers
For those who love their morning coffee, there's a coffee plunger and our coffee machine (with grinder), so BYO your favourite beans and enjoy it relaxing in one of the many special places around the property.

The BBQ is cleaned before each booking but we do occasionally have Antechinus (very small mouse-like marsupial) climb into the BBQ. To keep the BBQ plates clean we cover them with foil which you will need to remove and replace before and after using. BBQ wipes are in the bottom draw in the kitchen.

You're supplied with enough firewood to start you off. If you require more, there is extra you can access for $15/bag for firewood and $10/bag for kindling - please leave the money on the table or contact Liz to pay for it by direct deposit or OSKO (PayID: There are also bags of firewood sold locally at the landscape supply business next door or at the local service station.

NO SMOKING in the house.

Check-in is from 2pm. Pueblo will be set up and unlocked from 2pm so don't feel you have to rush to get to the property by any particular time - enjoy the day and make the most of your day. Arriving after dark? See details below.**

Send me a quick email as you enter the property and I can meet you for a quick hello.

See the 'Direction' info below for details on where to park.

The address is: 3461 The Lakes Way, Charlotte Bay 2428.
Most reliable directions: use Google Maps! Go to (or add Indigal as your destination) – BUT READ ON…
Google Maps will direct you to OUR NEIGHBOURS driveway!!! For the correct driveway turn into the driveway at the FLAG POLE with the Aussie flag and the LETTERBOX with ‘INDIGAL’ on the top. Photo of which driveway to choose.

Once through the front gate, drive to the top of the hill - about 800m

As you get to the top of the hill, follow the road to the RIGHT of the round-about, to the back of the house and park near the water tank and garden shed.  Please leave the driveway that runs directly behind the house free for the owners cars and service vehicles.  Photo of rear area parking.

Alternatively, you can park just past the round-about and walk up - giving you a full experience of your accommodation choice:)
Photo of front of house parking.
Not sure Which apartment?

*Indigal's Driveway
Once you turn into our driveway, you'll be driving on a dirt road. The first part of the driveway is shared with our neighbours, who are about 200m up the road. Please look after them by passing slowly to reduce dust and be on the look-out for their kids, cars and dogs.
The second half of the driveway is uphill. Sports cars to motor-homes have used the driveway with ease.

All vehicles to use a lower gear (both automatics and manuals) from the bottom of the hill - then sit on about 20km/hr and you will cruise up the hill with ease. Leaving your car in high gear and 'gunning it' will cause you to lose traction and spin your wheels - and damage the road:(
Drop into a lower gear going down the hill as well.

**Arriving After Dark?
There are no street lights near us, so if you're arriving after dark, keep an eye out for the light on top of our flag pole (which is about 10m off the main road) and the light on our letterbox. If you are concerned about finding the driveway in the dark, I'm happy to wait for you at the property's front gate with my car lights on - just text me as you pass Bulahdelah or Forster (depending on which direction you're arriving from) and ask me to meet you at the gate.

Don't stress if you think you're running late as everything will be set up and waiting for you.

WiFi available. Login details provided in the apartment.

Your Dog
Bringing your dog/s needs to be discussed before your arrival day and written permission is required. Please remember: dogs are not to be left unattended on the property - if you go out they go with you; we have free range chooks and it is your responsibility to protect our chooks from your dog; there is no fencing - dogs that wander are best left at home.
For full info about bringing your dog go to: and then click on the "Dog Friendly" tab.

Local Info
Our local Visitor Information Centre has plenty of local info, and staff with plenty of local knowledge. they are located at: 190 Boomerang Dr, Blueys Beach. (02) 6554 0123. You will also find lots of info about our whole region (thnigs to do, places to explore...) on the Barrington Coast website
A detailed list of walking tracks with maps can found here:
A copy of the walking tracks will be left in the house.

A list of some of our local stores and some of my favourite places to eat, are listed at the bottom of this page.

Before you leave
Check-out is by 10am. Our cleaners will arrive and start work at 10:05am
Before you leave, we do ask you to do a few things. Please wash up and put dishes away. Clean BBQ. Place all you rubbish and recycling in the outside bins. Pack up linen as described below. Close all doors, but no need to lock them (birds and chooks seem to love open doors and empty rooms!).

Linen – this is important to help us stay safe with Covid-19.

  • Fold doona and bedspread and just leave on them on the beds – our cleaners have very large bags to remove these with.
  • Place sheets, pillowcases and top mattress protector in the yellow linen bags*.
  • Place bath towels, bath mat, etc and tea towels in another of the linen bags*.
    • *Linen bags are in a box in the corner cupboard to the left of the kitchen sink – if we’ve missed supplying them, please use black plastic garbage bags from the bottom kitchen drawer.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or call Liz on 0414 728 158.

FoodWorks - Charlotte Bay
Open 7 days
203 Charlotte Bay St, Charlotte Bay NSW 2428
(02) 6552 9318

Smiths Lake Bakehouse
Open Tuesday to Saturday
6 Macwood Rd, Smiths Lake NSW 2428
(02) 6554 4773

Smiths Lake Butchery
Open Monday to Saturday
Shop 8/54 Macwood Rd, Smiths Lake NSW 2428
(02) 6554 4068

My Favourite Places - for food and drink!

Kembali Café
The Recky (Sunday arvo live music and drinks on the deck)

Spice Money
Beach Bums Cafe (breakfast by the ocean)

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