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It all started with an dream and a movie

It all began back in the mid 1990's when owner-builder, Brian, decided to build on his 25 acres of bush, rainforest and LOTS of rocks! He knew he wanted to create something different and special (as was his style). He had the skill and the space (and maybe water views!) but was lacking the right 'feel' that would lead to inspiration and design.

Relaxing one night watching the movie 'Twins', the characters of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito meet their long lost mother, who was living in a Santa Fe style Artist Retreat. As soon as Brian saw the Retreat he knew he'd found his inspiration. The soft colours, rounded edges, exposed timbers were just the right combination to get the creative juices flowing and he sat down a sketched the first draft of 'Indigal'.

And so began a 13 year labour of love. With the love of his life, Liz, joining him in the late 1990's, Inidgal was only intend to be a family home; but with kids leaving home a new era began. Indigal went through a few more twists and turns and blossomed into the now magnificent 'Indigal Hacienda Grande'.


Family Reunion Specialists

With finally finishing the Hacienda (and the 'kids' moving out and on with rest of their lives)  Brian and Liz decided to move into holiday letting. After a few false starts involving a few too many guests thinking Indigal a party house, they found their niche with extended family groups.

Granny or Pop's 75th birthday was a great reason for a family reunion! Very few 'holiday houses' offered space, privacy and atmosphere, but Indigal had it all. 

Over the years Brian and Liz would often hear Guests depart saying it was the best family holiday they'd ever had and didn't want to leave it so long before getting the family back together again.

Brian and Liz created a very special place and gave many families wonderful memories.


After 12 years of moving in and out of their home and sharing it with their wonderful Guests, the time has come for Brian and Liz to put down roots again and live in their home full-time.

The design of the Hacienda allowed them to create 2 separate spaces. They moved back into the 'east wing' (now called 'Navajo'), which has always been 'home' to them, and opened the 'west wing' (called Pueblo) for Guests.

They now enjoy sharing their Slice of Paradise with couples and small families, giving their Guests a very special holiday experience.

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